Project description
The preparation of the largest competitions in the history of Belarus, which were held in June 2019, conditionally consisted of two stages:
  1. Ensuring the construction readiness of capital facilities and transport infrastructure;

  2. Provision of temporary infrastructure for sports events (planning, engineering, procurement and installation).
By temporary infrastructure is meant facilities that are necessary for the preparation and conduct of competitions directly. The temporary infrastructure is used only during sports events and is dismantled after they are held.
The temporary infrastructure included:
  • more than 15,000 m² of tented structures (cafeterias, press centers, warehouses, sports centers, etc.),

  • more than 130 000 m3 of structures on the basis of scaffolding (podium up to 40 meters height, chamber platforms, cable bridges, catwalks under the tent structures, etc.),

  • more than 1200 modular buildings, more than 800 toilet units,

  • 1500 km of temporary power grids (including 10 kV) and other engineering networks, equipment for organizing TV broadcasts, stands, signs, etc.

The timely preparation, quality and safety of the temporary infrastructure influenced on the staging of the competitions themselves and the functioning of services that provide services related to the competitions for servicing both athletes and sports delegations, as well as spectators (from inspection points and canteens, to the athletes' reception center and temporary structures for awards ceremony).
Since 2018, the Competition Directorate has been planning, designing and purchasing temporary infrastructure. And in the second half of 2018, after the completion of the construction of capital facilities and the transfer of sites from the owners of the facilities to the Directorate for exclusive use, the task of organizing the installation of temporary infrastructure arosed due to a number of reasons:
Sports events of this scale have not been held in Belarus before, so there were no general contracting organizations who can guarantee to perform the entire scope of work on the installation of temporary infrastructure
The Directorate, as a customer, does not have the status and function of a general contractor organization that implements direct management and organization of suppliers in the process of fulfilling their obligations
The limited number of the Directorate's own staff resources for the implementation of short-term and intensive management of the temporary infrastructure installation project
The high price of reputational risks for Belarus in case of failure of deadlines and poor-quality preparation of sports events, the Competition Directorate adopted the following concept for managing the installation of temporary infrastructure:
  • The customer enters into contracts directly with contractors for the corresponding types of work;

  • Management and coordination of temporary infrastructure suppliers at the stages of installation, operation and dismantling of temporary infrastructure elements are carried out by a third – party organization-a third-party Management company.
In this case, the main part of the work on planning and monitoring the execution of work on the sites and the coordination of contractors was transferred to the Management Company.
The main goal of the project was to coordinate the activities of temporary infrastructure providers to assure the client groups of sports events with the provided temporary services.

Project objectives
Development of unified summary schedules for the installation, transformation and dismantling of temporary infrastructure elements;
Development of a mechanism for updating and updating itself on a daily basis of schedules and early forecasting of deviations in terms of deadlines;
Implementation of Site management functions on construction sites for the coordination of work;
Monitoring the fulfillment of contractual obligations of contractors and suppliers to the Organizing Committee of the competition;
Organization of mechanisms for working out downgraded and conflict situations at the facilities;
Development of a mechanism and implementation of constant information sharing on the progress of work at sports facilities in order to coordinate related work;
Providing the Organizing Committee of the European Games with operational reports on a scheduled basis on the state of the temporary infrastructure and the actions of suppliers to fulfill their contractual obligations.
The effect from the activity of the Temporary Infrastructure Management Company:
The implementation of the project made it possible to achieve the following planned results at different levels and in different management segments:
At the level of the management of the Organizing Committee of the European Games:
  • Implementation in a much shorter terms of installation of temporary infrastructure (compared to the terms of similar events).
  • Improving the reliability and efficiency of managing temporary infrastructure suppliers at all stages of the temporary infrastructure "lifecycle";
  • Prevention of critical deviations by suppliers from the planned control points during the installation of the temporary infrastructure;
  • Providing monitoring of the processes of preparation and installation of temporary infrastructure through the using of a developed IT solution and unified reports.
At the level of the supplier management:
  • Reduction of operating costs for mutual coordination of actions in working with related parties and improvement of accuracy in compliance with work schedules.
At the level of the European Games client groups:
  • Receiving the provided services in full;
  • Obtaining conditions for the performance of their sports tasks during the Games. .
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