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The birth of DayX
Our task is to automate one of the most non-IT industries:
The idea of the project came from the moment of preparation for the 2 European Games
15 locations and 247 structures that had to be installed and completed within 1 month, which were prepared by the DayX team as a contractor, created additional complexity, since each location had up to 15 contractors with whom it was necessary to communicate and adapt to their tasks and changes.
Also, the project was significantly influenced by the relief and the area itself, since the design was carried out on the basis of data from the state structure Minsk Project and the data did not always correspond to the real landscape.
A huge amount of time (more than 1 year) and money was spent preparing to search for the necessary structures and choosing a technical contractor who could provide the required amount of infrastructure in the right quality and on time at acceptable budgets.
During the year, more than 40 people were involved in preparing only for the construction of the temporary infrastructure of the event, with an average salary of around 1,500 euros with overhead costs.
The total budget for personnel responsible for preparing for the construction of temporary infrastructure alone amounted to more than 720,000$
It is also important to tell that after the Games, the Directorate was disbanded, and the experience gained at such a landmark event was lost. And since events in general are held all over the world on a regular basis, we decided to pack and save all our experience, as well as the experience of the guys from the Customer (Directorate) into an automated product that will simplify the process of managing and making decisions on temporary infrastructure and management in general events.
Automation will change the huge market of the Events and Sports industry, in which a huge amount of money is spent due to the lack of necessary and timely information.
Three statements
Of the training programs, he graduated from the MBA in Poland and the Economic University in Minsk.
There is an operating business in the field of production of finishing materials;
Before the idea ofcreating the DayX product came up, there was a small successful exit with a project in the field of HR recruiting and analysis of the reputation of the Candidate for the position;
I have attended sports events many times as both a participant and one of the organizers, since I have been involved in triathlon for more than 5 years and have been a repeated participant in IRONMAN competitions, and at the same time our company is a supplier of temporary structures for this Event;
Event management and event industry
During the Games, 8,000 volunteers were involved.
More than 1,000 media representatives got the opportunity to cover the forum;
3844 athletes from 50 European countries took part in competitions in 15 sports;
You can already prepare an Event with the help of our DayX Product.
It is important to start accumulating information and experience right now so that later it will be possible to ensure the work of artificial intelligence when holding large-scale events;
The event scheduling and management market is very low automated and yet full of variable details;
Andrey Korotenko - СЕО
About me
self-learning, so at any time you can return and get information about already completed successful cases and Events.
provides a service for the complete automation of the EVENT preparation process;
The product makes it easy to simulate an EVENT;
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